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Our Mission

Goldwasser & Chan is dedicated to providing legal advocacy for clients in a way that leads to holistic restoration. The firm does this by giving personal care and attention to each client, along with aggressive, excellent and honest representation.

The firm commits itself to achieving exceptional results with the client’s best interest, health and well-being as a priority beyond profit. It cultivates client relationships on foundations of trust and care, and values bettering client lives and their communities through service and charitable giving. The firm seeks justice and accountability through the tool of litigation, applied forcefully when needed, but always with integrity.


Generosity is a firm value at Goldwasser & Chan – not only by provision of time and energy, but with finances. We believe in giving back the first fruits of our labor. Therefore, before any partner profit distribution is made, 10% of the firm’s net income is donated to 501(c)(3) organizations which have a proven track record of effectively leveraging donations to improve individual lives and communities. 


Andrew Chan and Craig Goldwasser first met in 2013 while practicing law together at a civil defense firm in New York City. They remained close friends after leaving that firm, serving as groomsmen at each others' weddings, supporting one another in personal difficulty, and pushing each other to practice law with increasing distinction. As they progressed on with separate career paths at different firms, they achieved success in various practice areas, with exceptional results for clients on both the defense and plaintiff sides of civil litigation.  Andrew founded the Law Office of Andrew Chan in 2015 and managed that practice until 2022. Craig rose quickly at a prestigious general liability/personal injury firm and made partner.  Having accumulated valuable experience in their respective practices, Andrew and Craig both saw an opportunity in the personal injury industry to pursue a more holistic, restorative approach to justice. They founded Goldwasser & Chan in 2022 on the idea that personal injury law can be successfully practiced with integrity, honesty, and a focus on client and community well-being that cuts against long pervasive stigmas associated with this field of practice. 

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