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Soup Kitchen

Goldwasser & Chan seeks out 501(C)(3) organizations that have a proven record of effectively using donor resources to bring restoration to the lives of children and families. 10% of the firm's net income goes to support these organizations before we distribute any profit to firm members. We prioritize organizations which do their work in the communities where most of our clients are located. We hope to not only improve the lives of our clients through legal representation, but through the support of organizations working in the communities where they live. 

Current Non-Profit partners

JCCANY Pleasantville Cottage School

JCCA, founded in 1822, provides the highest quality child welfare and mental health services to New York’s neediest and most vulnerable young people and families across New York. The Pleasantville Cottage Campus, located in Pleasantville, NY, is one of their most incredible areas of work. This Residential Treatment Center for abused and neglected children and teens is one of the most respected in the nation. They have been helping girls and boys to overcome educational, behavior and emotional challenges for over two hundred years.

The Bowery Mission

The Bowery Mission has served New Yorkers experiencing homelessness and hunger since the 1870s. Last year, The Bowery Mission provided more than 255,000 hot meals, 54,000 nights of shelter, 20,000 articles of clothing, and 29,900 emergency showers. Each meal and every service is an invitation to our Residential and Community Programs that help clients make progress toward a transformed life of faith, community, sobriety, sustainable income and independent living. To empower children to thrive and succeed, The Bowery Mission also offers year-round opportunities for enrichment through Mont Lawn City Camp, culminating in summer camp for hundreds of children in the Poconos Region of Pennsylvania.

Youth Consultation Services

Since 1918, YCS has been providing critical behavioral health services to thousands of New Jersey families who have children birth through– adulthood, with special needs. Some children at YCS therapeutic group homes are separated from their loved ones and have been affected by trauma; other individuals are affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) that adversely affect their behavior and require permanent safe home-like care. Many other families participate in home visitation programs and outpatient clinical services that enable their families to remain together. Whatever the need, the caring YCS staff is prepared to offer individualized support 24/7.  The YCS mission is to partner with at-risk children who have special needs and adults with developmental disabilities, to build happier, healthier, more hopeful lives within their families and communities.

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