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We have over two decades of collective experience representing clients in all types of personal injury claims for both defendants and plaintiffs. If someone has been injured in an accident of any kind, we have experience litigating every aspect of the claim from inception through trial. We understand the inner workings and nuances of this industry, and can maximize your chance of success. We have repeatedly achieved results which stand out above what is typically seen in the industry - we are glad to share more information upon your consultation with our office.

Personal Injury
Personal Injury

An extensive part of our practice involves representing clients dealing with claims arising from accidents on residential and commercial properties. Whether it was a trip and fall, or a complex sequence of events that led to injury, we have the experience needed to handle your case. We also understand the intricate contractual relationships that often dictate liability determination when multiple corporate entities are involved.

Premises Liability
Premises Liability

Motor vehicle accident claims are one of the largest aspects of our practice. We are well-equipped to advocate for our clients in such cases, including the most complex multi-vehicle crashes. We have been extremely successful in both the defense and prosecution of automobile claims, from negotiating a simple rear end crash to litigating liability issues involving complex fact patterns and corporate parties who may have negligently hired, trained or retained drivers.

Motor Vehicle

If a doctor or other medical provider is alleged to have been negligent in his or her care of a patient, we have success in handling such claims. Medical malpractice cases often involve extremely complex medical issues and our firm has the ability to navigate difficult issues in this area.

Medical Malpractice

Although medications and pharmaceutical drugs can significantly and positively impact someone's quality of life, a patient may have a negative reaction to a particular drug in the marketplace or its dosage. We have litigated many cases over the years involving such claims for both pharmacies and patients. Let us help you investigate and determine whether malpractice has occurred.

Pharmaceutical Malpractice

In claims arising from real estate disputes, we understand significant property values are often at stake. We have experience both prosecuting and defending claims. We have handled litigation involving zoning, administrative determinations, ownership and possession rights, and contract breaches, among many others. In particular, we litigate aggressively against building inspectors, municipal engineers and other local authorities who do not comply with local code requirements and otherwise treat our client developers unfairly. We seek to hold these individuals personally responsible when they go outside the scope of their job responsibilities and we pursue every remedy available against them.

Real Estate

Construction sites can be a dangerous place for workers, where catastrophic injuries and even death may occur. Furthermore, there are instances in which numerous parties are involved at a single site. Therefore, many claims involving work site accidents result in not only substantial damages claims, but also complex contractual relationships and liability analysis. We have the experience and ability to navigate the most difficult claims.

Construction and Labor Law

We have handled all types of dram shop actions, including injuries from assaults, drivers under the influence, and other types of negligence. We have represented bars and restaurants, as well as plaintiffs. These are often difficult cases to litigate, but our team has the experience, and understands the nuanced considerations involved in such actions to represent you with distinction.

Dram Shop Liability

If an individual is involved in a motor vehicle accident with a tractor trailer, their claim often involves legal issues that go well beyond those in a typical motor vehicle accident case. A thorough understanding of applicable state and federal laws specifically applicable to truck drivers and companies is paramount to successfully litigating these claims. Our team has membership at the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and understands the complex issues involved in trucking litigation. We have a track record of exceptional results in this area.

Transportation and Trucking
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